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Teaching Assistant

Kendra, Limoges, 2009-2010 ▾

As a life-long Francophile, I'd always dreamed of living and working in France, as well as becoming fluent in French.  When I first learned about the TAPIF program, I realized that the program would allow me to accomplish all of my goals! 

I first served as an assistant immediately after completing my bachelor's degree, and was placed in the often-overlooked Limousin region.  There, I formed close relationships with the other language assistants, as well as with my students and teachers.  I still keep in contact with many of them today!  I enjoyed my experience so much that I decided to do the program a 2nd time, and am currently working in Paris. 

Best of all, I think that the TAPIF program has been instrumental in helping me cultivate my career passion.  While I was still undecided in terms of a career path upon receiving my bachelor's degree, I found that I was extremely interested in International Education after completing my first year as an assistant.  I'll be receiving my Master's in International Education this May!