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Graduate school scholarships to study in France and the US, teaching fellowships, internship opportunities in France, social networks, and more!

There are over 27,000 Alumni of the Teaching Assistant Program in France in the U.S. alone. This is a formidable network of francophones, francophiles, and international professionals.

If you are a current or former Teaching Assistant in France, follow the TAPIF Alumni groups on social media to stay informed about job opportunities and cultural events. 

Graduate programs in France and in the U.S. have designed scholarship opportunities for TAPIF Alumni to pursue advanced studies in fields including business, international development, literature, translation and interpretation, environmental policy, fashion, gastronomy, hositality management, education, and more. Read more below, or click on the links to the right, if you are considering graduate studies

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Pursue Graduate School in France 

Interested in graduate school in France? Start by contacting Campus France USA about Masters and doctoral degree options. 

Also see below for TAPIF Alumni Scholarships offered by graduate programs in France and in the United States. 

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French graduate schools offering TAPIF Alumni Scholarships 

For more than 30 years, the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Paris Ile-de-France) has been recruiting international students to join top-ranked schools in France. Through the Join a School in France initiative, international students can apply to 5 Business Schools with only one application for the Master in Management program taught in English, and also receive dedicated counseling and support on the application and admissions.

Several graduate programs across France that are part of the Join a School in France network seek to recruit qualified American applicants, and have designed scholarship opportunities for TAPIF Alumni.

To pursue these scholarship opportunities with the French school listed below, TAPIF Alumni have two options:

1 – Contact the program of interest directly to apply and to learn about the scholarship opportunity. This is a good option if you wish to apply for only one school.

 2 – Contact the Join a School in France team, and work with dedicated counselors who guide candidates through the application process, recommend a program based on your interest and career goals, and support you throughout the visa process. There is a one-time fee for this service. This is a good option if you would like additional support navigating the application and visa process, and/or if you would like to apply to more than one school.


Pursue your education with top professors and leading companies at the Best Business School in Europe (Financial Times ranking 2021)-- all academic backgrounds welcome. The Master in Management - Grande Ecole program is an early professional program geared towards students with 0-3 years of professional experience. It is taught entirely in English and provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the French and European business world. 

HEC Paris offers an application fee waiver for all TAPIF alumni applicants who will also be automatically considered for our two merit-based scholarships worth between €4,000 -  €12,000 upon admission.

Please contact admissionsmasters@hec.fr for more information.


ESCP Business School is a global leading school and the world’s first Business School founded in 1819. ESCP’s conviction is that tomorrow’s business leaders will need to be international, digital, and inter-culturally effective. Our approach to education and organizational structure reflects this, with strongly international programs delivered by an integrated (pan-European) Faculty across 6 campuses in each of Europe’s principal markets. We offer a unique opportunity to study in multi European campuses.

ESCP offers 3 scholarships for the three top TAPIF alumni admitted to the MBA in International Management. For TAPIF Alumni admitted to the Master in Management program, ESCP offers merit-based scholarships varying from 50% to 100% of the first year tuition fees.

For more information on ESCP programs, please contact mimglobal@escp.eu.


emlyon business school’s identity is closely linked to the early maker concept. Being a maker today means taking your destiny in your own hands and being the driver and entrepreneur of your own existence. This concept reflects our vision of an entrepreneur as someone who tries, experiments, makes mistakes, starts again, and learns as they go.

emlyon business school has developed a wide range of programs that help students acquire skills to navigate data and information effectively, develop a critical, forward-thinking approach, and adopt a lifelong commitment to learning. Graduates of emlyon are sought-after by employers in France and globally.

emlyon business school offers a 15% scholarship of the tuition fees of the 1st year to TAFIP Alumni applying to our MSc in Management – Grande Ecole and our Master of Science programs.

Please find below our contact details for more information on emlyon business school programs, the application process and TAPIF scholarship opportunities:

MSc in Management – Grande Ecole: contact-pge@em-lyon.com

Master of Science programs: masters@em-lyon.com


Audencia Business School is an international business school where English is the language of instruction for a wide variety of different programmes focusing on international management.  Diversity is our strength with participants coming from all around the world and from many different academic backgrounds.  The motto of Audencia Business School is “Never stop daring”.

TAPIF alumni benefit from application fee waivers for any of our programmes as well as a scholarship for the Master in Management that covers up to 30% of tuition fees. 

To benefit from the application fee waiver or to learn more about our programmes and scholarships, please contact us at international@audencia.com.


SKEMA Business School offers graduate programs in various business areas (Finance, Marketing, Management, Strategy, Luxury, and more) taught entirely in English, on its 7 campuses worldwide: in France (Lille, Paris and Sophia Antipolis), in Brazil (Belo Horizonte), in China (Suzhou), in USA (Raleigh), and in South Africa (Stellenbosch – Cape Town).

All of the campuses are situated in technology parks and recognized business centers where vital synergies among companies develop innovation and create the techniques of the future. SKEMA Business School's campuses share the same objective: to offer students multicultural exposure combining academic life with international professional experience.

SKEMA Business School is at the top of French and International rankings. The MSc Financial Markets and Investments is ranked 3rd worldwide by the Financial Times 2021 ranking and the Grande Ecole program (Master in Management) is ranked 21st worldwide in the QS 2022 rankings (and 6th among the French schools represented).

TAPIF alumni accepted in the Master in Management Grande Ecole program and in the Masters of Science are guaranteed a yearly scholarship up to 50% of fees for the duration of the graduate program based on the quality of their application.

For more information on the programs, scholarship opportunities, and application process, please contact international.admissions@skema.edu.

FERRANDI Paris is one of the best gastronomy and hotel management schools in the world, in the heart of Paris. FERRANDI Paris offers "Intensive Professional Programs" taught in English with highly qualified instructors. These programs are hands-on and practical, providing a foundation of technical skills and professional knowledge. 

For those wishing to pursue a professional career in the hospitality industry, the Master of Science in Hotel Management, taught in English, provides students with the skills necessary for management roles within large luxury hospitality organizations.

FERRANDI Paris is offering all TAPIF alumni an application fee waiver.  In addition, the 5 most outstanding candidates (annually) will receive a 10% discount on tuition. 

For further information, please contact: ferrandi-international@ferrandi-paris.fr.

La Fabrique is the leading graduate school affiliated with the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Paris Ile-de-France) dedicated to Fashion, Leather Goods, Upholstery and Visual Merchandising. Its Fashion programs aim to prepare the future leaders in Fashion Product Development.

Our Fashion Department offers admitted TAPIF Alumni reductions on tuition fees for programs, taught in both French and English: the MSc in Fashion Product Development and Manager Developpeur Produit de la Mode et de l'Habillement. TAPIF Alumni applicants receive a 10% tuition reduction if they apply before April 1, 2021 and a 5% reduction for candidates who apply before May 15, 2021.

For more information in La Fabrique programs, please contact slathuilliere@isipca.fr.

Rennes School of Business is an International School of Management located in the city of Rennes (Brittany, France). With 95% of our faculty staff being international as well as over half of our student body, the school brings the world to students by opening their minds towards other cultures. Our mission: Allow students to think outside the box by living a unique and international experience and turn education into a true exchange that lasts a lifetime. The leading international accreditation organizations have endorsed the quality of our processes, faculty, research, and programs. This guarantee of quality is our promise to our students and partners.

Rennes School of Business counts a wide range of International Master Programs among its offerings, from Geopolitics, Sustainable Management & Eco-Innovation, and International Finance, to Digital Marketing, Luxury, Supply Chain Studies, and Data & Business Analytics, among others.

Rennes School of Business seeks to encourage qualified TAPIF alumni to apply for and enroll in its programs and will therefore offer a 20% tuition reduction for select master’s programs to every admitted alumnus from the Teaching Assistant Program in France. Additionally, the top two admitted TAPIF alumni each year will receive a 33% tuition reduction for these programs. Students with U. S. citizenship who are enrolled in Rennes School of Business may also be eligible for U. S. Federal Student Aid and are encouraged to submit a FAFSA dossier.

For more information about the application process, scholarships, or programs, please contact internationaladmissions@rennes-sb.com.


U.S. Graduate schools offering TAPIF Alumni Scholarships 

Graduate schools in the United States preparing the next generation of global professionals recognize the value of language proficiency and intercultural competency. TAPIF has partnered with a select group of prestigious and generous graduate programs in the U.S. that have launched scholarship and fellowship opportunities for TAPIF Alumni. 

Columbia University in Paris MA in History and Literature TAPIF Opportunity 

Columbia University's MA in History and Literature (HILI) is a one-year Master's degree at Columbia's Global Center for Paris, Reid Hall. HILI is a unique, innovative program that explores the interconnections and intersections between history and literature as categories of cultural production and as scholarly disciplines. HILI students are taught by eminent professors from Columbia and supplemented with elective courses at École normale supérieure (ENS) and École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), two top-tier graduate schools in France.

The HILI program offers an application fee waiver for TAPIF alumni applicants, and fellowships for top admitted TAPIF alumni MA candidates. Fellowships will cover between 15% and 50% of tuition fees. In addition, the most qualified TAPIF alumni applicants will be awarded an additional $2,000 stipend to help defray living expenses during the program in Paris.

Please contact the program administration for more information and to apply. 

MIIS-TAPIF Scholarship  

Turn your TAPIF experience into a fulfilling career. The Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) is a graduate school creating the next generation of global changemakers. MIIS degree programs emphasize deep collaborative learning, cultural and linguistic immersion, and practical professional skills.  

MIIS alumni are working with organizations such as the U.S. Department of State as interpreters, American Councils for International Education in student exchange, and Catholic Relief Services in international development. Degree programs include International Education Management, Translation and Interpretation, Localization, International Development, Public Administration, Language Teaching, and more.  

Current participants and alumni of the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF) are guaranteed 25% scholarships ($11K+ annually) toward a Middlebury Institute in-person or online master’s degree. Application fees are waived for all TAPIF alumni. Fully online MA programs also benefit from the same scholarship.  

Middlebury Language Schools-TAPIF Scholarship

Middlebury Language Schools have partnered with the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF) to provide scholarships for our French MA degrees to qualified alumni in recognition of their commitment to language and cross-cultural exchange. As a TAPIF alumnus/a, you are eligible for our need-based graduate financial aid and an application fee waiver. Our financial aid is awarded in the form of grants, not loans. This means that if you qualify, you will attend the Language Schools at a reduced or no cost.

Depending on your demonstrated financial need and degree track, you are eligible to receive up to $38,000 to pursue an MA in French (campuses in Vermont and in Paris).

UW-Madison PFMP-TAPIF Scholarship 

The University of Wisconsin Professional French Masters Program’s (PFMP) trains students to apply advanced proficiency in French language and Francophone culture to a variety of professional concentration areas, including business, education, media, arts and cultural production, European Union Affairs, and international development. 

UW-Madison provides up to five of the most academically promising admitted applicants who have worked as teaching assistants in France with a scholarship of $4,000 per academic year, or one third of tuition. Application fees are waived for all TAPIF alumni. 

NYU Institute of French Studies MA - TAPIF Scholarship

Students of NYU's Institute of French Studies M.A. program examine the French and the French-speaking world in French and in English through multiple disciplinary lenses: history, sociology, political science, anthropology, cultural analysis, and more. M.A. students go on to careers in a variety in fields including the Foreign Service, journalism, humanitarian assistance, immigration law, primary and secondary education, translation, and international business. Each year, some M.A. students choose to continue on to Ph.D. programs in history, anthropology, French, linguistics, or politics.

NYU’s IFS reserves some of its most generous fellowships to top TAPIF alumni pursuing an M.A. in French Studies. These fellowships will cover 62.5%, 75% and up to 100% of tuition fees. Furthermore, the most qualified TAPIF alumni applicants may be awarded an additional $3,000 stipend to help defray living expenses during the summer program in ParisTo waive your application fee, please contact Peyton Vann at pnv227@nyu.edu.

NYU Doctoral TAPIF Opportunities

The Department of French Literature, Thought and Culture at NYU is part of a network of intellectual sites grouped within the Center for French Civilization and Culture. The Center branches into the University's four significant spheres of activity in French Studies: the Department, the Institute of French Studies, NYU Paris, and La Maison Française. These form the most comprehensive American academic complex devoted to the culture of France, past and present.

NYU would like to encourage qualified former TAPIF participants to study in one of our two doctoral programs: the PhD in French Literature, Thought and Culture, and the Joint degree with the Institute of French Studies.

Both PhD programs are fully funded for 5 years with a financial package that includes: all tuition, health insurance, an annual stipend (currently $27,526), additional guaranteed summer funding of $5000 per year through years 1-3, the possibility of a 6th year stipend, and remuneration for any teaching that is undertaken (typically $16,128 in each of years 2 and 3 of the program). 

NYU’s PhD fellowships cover a good percentage of tuition costs. Scholarship details will be updated soon for Spring 2023 applicants.

Please contact these departments directly for more information on these opportunities.

Penn State University TAPIF Alumni Scholarship

The Department of French and Francophone Studies at the Pennsylvania State University is recruiting outstanding candidates for advanced study leading to the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. The Department of French and Francophone Studies, in conjunction with Penn State’s College of the Liberal Arts, will offer a $4,000 “TAPIF Scholarship” to a promising former TAPIF participant who is accepted to and enrolled in the graduate program in French and Francophone Studies at the Pennsylvania State University. The awardee meeting these criteria will be awarded a $4,000 scholarship in their first semester in the program. In addition, a $2,000 top-off awarded will be added to the annual stipend in years 1-5 of the awardee’s graduate program. To be eligible for this scholarship, the awardee must be enrolled full-time and continuously in the program and be meeting program criteria for satisfactory progress toward the degree.

Penn State’s French and Francophone Studies graduate program is unique for its long-established Ph.D. specializations in Literature and Culture and Society and an interdisciplinary orientation. Three dual degree options include Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies (a top-ranked department nationally), African Studies, and Visual Studies.

Applicants must submit all of the required application materials to the Department of French and Francophone Studies. ​The application fee is waived for any TAPIF alumni. To access the fee waiver, applicants should email Professor Jean Claude Vuillemin, Director of Graduate Studies at jcv1@psu.edu. The deadline for submission of applications is January 15, 2019. 

UM TAPIF Alumni Opportunity

An M.A. in Modern Languages with a specialization in French gives graduates a high proficiency in communicative skills and a deep awareness of cultures in the French-speaking world. The degree prepares students for a teaching career at a variety of levels as well as doctoral work in the discipline.

The University of Mississippi offers full tuition waivers and paid graduate assistantships (up to $11,000 per academic year) to up to two academically promising TAPIF alumni each year. Please contact the department directly for more information on this opportunity.

UVA TAPIF Alumni Opportunity

The Department of French at the University of Virginia comprises a diverse, dynamic, and supportive community of scholars: 16 graduate faculty and 3 affiliated faculty, 22 funded graduate students, and nearly 100 undergraduate majors.  Emphasizing interdisciplinary, global, and transhistorical approaches, our graduate program fosters complex and challenging ways of thinking about French and Francophone literatures and cultures, strongly grounded in poetical, textual, visual, and historical analysis.

We welcome applications from former and current TAPIF participants and will waive their application fee (contact avo2n@virginia.edu for information).  Applicants admitted into our PhD program receive full funding for 5 years (including all tuition, health insurance, and a stipend of $24,000 per year); an additional $5,000 start-up fellowship will be awarded to at least one qualified TAPIF alumnus/a who is accepted.

Our application deadline in 2021 is January 15th. TAPIF participants and alumni/ae must submit their application, personal statement, and writing sample by that date; letters of recommendation and transcripts must arrive by January 22.

UMN TAPIF Fellowship Award

The UMN Department of French and Italian is internationally recognized for interdisciplinary research reflecting the long tradition and current concerns of French aesthetics, philosophy, literature, and culture, with particular attention to the intersections with Italian studies, moving image studies, medieval studies, theater and poetry, Mediterranean studies, and the Francophone world. Most graduates work in higher education, some transition into fields such as secondary-school teaching, publishing, and information management, architecture, and more.

In addition to full tuition and health insurance coverage, academic year stipends, and baseline summer funding, UMN will offer a total of $10,000 for two Summer Fellowship Awards to the two most academically promising former TAPIF participants who are accepted to and enroll in the graduate program of the Department of French and Italian. Awardees must be enrolled full-time and continuously. 

Awardees will be granted two $5,000 summer fellowships: for applicants coming with a BA, one at the end of their second year and one at the end of their fourth year in the program; for applicants coming with an MA, one at the end of their first year, and one at the end of their third year in the program.

Tulane -TAPIF Alumni Application Waiver and Available Funding

The Tulane Department of French and Italian would like to encourage qualified former Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF) participants to apply to and enroll in the PhD program in French Studies at Tulane University. Application fees will be waived for up to 10 TAPIF participants and alumni each year. 

The PhD program is fully funded for 5 years for students entering with a BA degree (4 years for students entering with an MA). The stipend includes full tuition remission (worth $52,855 in 2018-19) and a fellowship (currently $26,000).  Students admitted to the program will be on service-free fellowship during their first and last years of study, and on teaching assistantships during the years in between. Besides the stipend, students are granted 50% of the cost of the Tulane-sponsored student medical insurance plan. They also have the opportunity to apply for summer research funding through the Beth Poe Travel Grant (currently worth $5000) and the Summer Merit Fellowship Award (up to $5000), and for conference travel grants during the school year of up to $1750 annually (through the GSSA Fund, the Land Fund and the Alfred Mercier and Lafcadio Hearn Travel Grants).

Contact the Tulane Department of French and Italian directly to apply and for information on the TAPIF Alumni Fee Waiver. 

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in World Language Education

Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development prepares you to be a teacher of French through its Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in World Language Education. This program leads to initial teaching licensure at the 5–12 grade level in Massachusetts. The program will prepare you to teach in a variety of school contexts through field-based experiences and coursework in world language pedagogy, education, and advanced French courses.

BU Wheelock reserves some of its most generous fellowships to three top TAPIF alumni pursuing the MAT in World Language Education (French): one scholarship in the amount of $28,000 and two additional scholarships in the amount of  $10,000, each for the duration of the graduate program. Application fees are waived for all TAPIF alumni. 

Please contact Dr. Catherine Ritz at critz@bu.edu for further information about this program and scholarship opportunity.

Division of the Humanities, The University of Chicago

PhD in French and Francophone Studies TAPIF Research Funds

The PhD in French and Francophone Studies program at the University of Chicago provides students with a rigorous and intellectually rich framework of study that prepares them for careers in research and teaching, in cultural and academic institutions, and in other humanistic professions. Our faculty have a range of specializations and critical approaches, including cultural and political theory, digital humanities, ecocriticism, medieval studies, gender studies, Francophone studies, postcolonial studies, theater and performing arts, rhetoric, aesthetics, and visual culture. The Department of Romance Languages and Literature encourages former TAPIF participants to apply with a waiver of the application fee.

In addition to the primary field in French and Francophone Studies, all of our PhD students create an individual course of study in a secondary field, which can be in a second Romance literature or in another discipline. By defining their own path of study while acquiring a rigorous grounding in their secondary fields, students develop the skills and versatility necessary to adapt and succeed in an evolving profession. We also provide opportunities to spend a year in France fully funded to carry out research or writing.

In addition to full tuition coverage ($65,145/year in 2022-23), an annual stipend ($33,000/year in 2022-23), the Student Services Fee ($1,347 in 2022-23), and fully paid individual annual premiums for the University Student Health Insurance Plan will be offered as part of this fellowship. The top ranked TAPIF alumni admitted applicants will also receive a research fund of $300 per year during years 1 and 2 of their program, and a one-time research and travel award of $2500 upon reaching candidacy.

University of Florida-Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures 

UF offers full tuition waiver and a paid graduate assistantship for up to two promising former TAPIF participants accepted and enrolled in the MA in French & Francophone Studies. UF Grad-TAPIF awardees are also eligible for additional summer FFS research funds (upon dossier), as well as research stipends from the France-Florida Research Institute (upon dossier). Awardees with research focus in French Jewish Studies are eligible for additional scholarships of $5000 and summer research funds (upon dossier). ​ 

The CUNY Graduate Center welcomes applications for its Ph.D. Program in French. Consistently rated as one of the finest and most innovative in the United States, our program offers cutting-edge interdisciplinary coursework, close mentoring with leading scholars in French and Francophone Studies, and the diverse research environment of the Graduate Center, a national leader in Humanities scholarship located in the heart of New York City. 

Our program welcomes international students from around the world and is open to candidates who do not necessarily have a traditional background in literary studies. Successful applicants receive a five-year fellowship package, including a tuition waiver and health insurance. They teach one course per semester in their second, third and fourth year and serve as writing fellows in their fifth. There is an abundance of additional opportunities for summer support as well as additional funding for travel and researchOne fellowship is dedicated for TAPIF Alumni. The selected TAPIF alum will receive an additional $2,000 research grant for the first two summers. We also offer a dedicated fellowship for high school teachers interested in pursuing a doctorate while maintaining their current employment.  

For more information, please contact Professors Maxime Blanchard mblanchard@ccny.cuny.edu and Sam Di Iorio adiiorio@hunter.cuny.edu


Boston College: Department of Romance Languages & Literatures 

The Department of Romance Languages & Literatures at Boston College is pleased to invite TAPIF participants and alumni to apply for the TAPIF Graduate Teaching Fellowship for the MA in French Studies. The 2-year MA program comprises 30 credits of graduate coursework, an Independent Research Project, and the opportunity to teach Elementary and Intermediate French courses as the Instructor of Record. In addition to full tuition scholarship and an annual stipend (currently $22K) for the duration of the 2-year program, the TAPIF Graduate Teaching Fellow has the additional, exclusive opportunity to host a TAPIF Information Session for Boston College undergraduates in the fall of their first year, for which the department offers a $400 honorarium. The Boston College MA in French Studies provides a warm, diverse, and close-knit intellectual community that supports aspiring teachers of French as well as potential doctoral candidates. Potential applicants are invited to contact Professor Tina Montenegro tina.montenegro@bc.edu for further information.

Boston College is pleased to waive the application fee of $75 for all applicants to the TAPIF Teaching Fellowship in French. TAPIF participants or alumni need simply submit an application fee waiver request (found within the application form) accompanied by a document attesting to their status with TAPIF. 


Future Immersion Teacher (FIT) Fellowship 

Through the Future Immersion Teacher (FIT) Fellowship, the French Dual Language Fund offers scholarships of up to $10,000 per year to students pursuing graduate studies or certificate programs to prepare them for teaching roles in French dual language and immersion programs. If you are interested in teaching, and the possibility of working in one of the many French dual language and immersion programs across the United States, you may be eligible to apply for the FIT Fellowship. Currently, the FIT Fellowship has partnerships with Columbia University, Georgia State University, Hunter College, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the University of Rhode Island, the University of Utah, and Utah State University. However, applicants accepted to other University programs may also be eligible to apply. 


FACC's American Outbound Program

In the spirit of reciprocity and international understanding, the FACC American Outbound Program provides visa sponsorship services for qualified young Americans aspiring to work in France and companies interested in hosting them for up to 18 months. 

Since 1992, the FACC’s International Career Development Programs (ICDP) has partnered with French government agencies, the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) as well as the French Regional Labor Bureaus (DREETS), to expedite candidates’ visas and work authorizations. 

Through the assistance of our ICDP department, candidates who have secured a job offer in France may obtain a work visa for a 18 month “CDD” that allows them to train in France.