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Teaching Assistant Program in France - TAPIF ▾
Expand your horizons and share your language and culture with French students

Are you ready to expand your horizons and share your language and culture with French students?

Applications for 2023-2024 are now closed. Results will be shared with applicants within the month of April 2023. Apply on tapif.org starting October 15th every year. 

Be sure to consult the 2023-24 American Assistant Handbook and the overarching program guide, Le guide de l'assistant de langue en France provided by France Éducation International, for helpful information and many answers to frequently asked questions!

The Teaching Assistant Program in France offers you the opportunity to work in France for 7 months, teaching English to French students of all ages. Each year, about 1,500 American citizens and permanent residents teach in public schools across all regions of metropolitan France and in the overseas departments of France such as French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion. The American cohort is part of the larger Assistants de langue en France program, which recruits approximately 4,500 young educators from 68 countries to teach 15 languages annually in France. The Assistants de langue en France program is managed by France Éducation international.

Visit our Prospective Applicants section to find out how you can gain valuable teaching experience, improve your language skills, and experience French culture first-hand through the Teaching Assistant Program in France.

Find answers to many of your potential questions on our FAQs page in the Prospective Applicants section

Read first-hand accounts from current and former assistants in the Testimonials section.

What happens after TAPIF? 

After a year in France, Teaching Assistants pursue global careers in education, international business, public health, international policy and development, arts and culture administration, among other fields. There are over 30,000 TAPIF Alumni across the U.S. 

TAPIF Alumni are regularly recruited by top graduate schools preparing the next generation of global professionals. These schools recognize the value of language proficiency and intercultural competency, cornerstones of TAPIF.

TAPIF Alumni Scholarships support former teaching assistants who wish to pursue graduate studies at select U.S. universities, including Boston University, Columbia University, New York University, the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Middlebury Language Schools, Penn State University, the University of Minnesota, the University of Mississippi, the University of Virgina, the University of Wisconsin Madison, the University of Minnesota, and Tulane University. 

TAPIF to Teacher Initiative 

Every year nearly 1,500 new TAPIF participants travel to France to take advantage of this unique opportunity to live in France to improve their French proficiency level and discover the teaching profession. They are able to spend 7 months teaching English to French students of all ages in French public schools both in metropolitan France as well as the overseas departments.  

By choosing to become part of TAPIF, this cohort inherently demonstrates their interest in language teaching. In fact, according to a survey, 30% of them are seriously considering a career in teaching.  

This program, the TAPIF to Teacher Initiative, aims at providing them a clear and accelerated pathway to careers in teaching French through a Université Paris Nanterre online foundational certificate program (Diplôme d’Université) they can take in addition to their 12 hours a week workload. Offered in partnership with US universities’ MAT program, the 12 credits granted by the certificate program can easily be transferred towards these masters programs. 

Thanks to the French for All initiative, the French Embassy will offer up to 200 full scholarships for this certificate. 

The syllabi of this certificate program are currently being designed, and will offer two strands: 

1/ For those considering teaching French as a World Language 

2/ For those considering teaching a French Dual Language Immersion program 

The online certificate will be offered for the first time to the next cohort of TAPIF students who will start the program in October 2023. 

If you represent a US university offering a MAT or M.Ed. and are willing to be part of this initiative, please reach out to mathieu.ausseil@frenchculture.org

Ready to Apply?

Applications for 2023-2024 are closed. Apply on tapif.org starting October 15th every year.  


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