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Transatlantic Research Partnership

Research collaboration is integral to achieving scientific breakthroughs and cutting-edge discoveries. Identifying solutions to key 21st-century challenges such as finding a cure for cancer, protecting the environment, advancing cybersecurity, and preserving cultural heritage, requires global collaboration that transcends national and cultural borders.  

Program description 

The Transatlantic Research Partnership (formerly known as the Thomas Jefferson Fund), is a flagship program bringing together talented young researchers in France and in the United States. The aim of this program is to initiate or enhance collaborative research activities in order to make game-changing discoveries, and to address the most pressing global challenges. 

Initially launched in 2017 by the French Embassy in the United States and the FACE Foundation, the Transatlantic Research Partnership issues a yearly call for proposals and funds two-year collaborative projects spanning the following fields: 

  • Humanities and Social Sciences (SSH) 
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) 
  • Sciences for Society (interdisciplinary STEM-SSH projects) 


Each grant will amount to $20,000 over the course of two years to be split equally between the French and the American teams. Co-financing from the researchers’ universities is encouraged to ensure the sustainability of the research partnership.  

These funds will support transatlantic mobility of researchers, collaborative research activities, the organization of international workshops or conferences, and the publication of joint articles.  


  • Projects must be jointly submitted by two researchers at the beginning of their careers; 
  • Applicants must provide proof that they are employed at either a U.S. or French institution for the duration of the partnership, i.e. minimum 2 years;  
  • PhD candidates are not eligible to be project leaders 
  • U.S. or French citizenship is not required.  

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