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Innovation Policy Internship Program

Please find below the list of internship subjects available in 2022.


Sciences Po Toulouse (The Toulouse School of Political Science)
How to improve communication by targeting to attract more students :  
- from low-income families, rural areas, working-class neighborhoods, etc.
- from foreign countries 
- disabled 

Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées
European and International Relations Department
- How can digital technology improve student mobility support ? 

Training and Student Life Department
- How can students with disabilities gain better access to international mobility ? 

Ekitia (Occitanie Data)
- Inclusion of citizens in data governance 

The National Center for Space Studies
- Space observations for assessing the consequences of climate change in coastal regions 

University Hospital Center of Toulouse
Centre de réponse à la catastrophe (CRC)
- How international networks of professionnals enhance innovations ? the case of disaster-management and emergency response in Toulouse 

Innov Pôle Santé (IPS)
- To accompany the implementation of innovation and new technologies from conception to evaluation by setting up a Living Lab specific to the Toulouse University Hospital 

Institut Saint-Jacques (ISJ)
- Fundraising in public hospitals : a comparison of US and French model. Which US tools and methods can be duplicated to encourage the culture of giving among French population ? 

Rectorat de l'Académie de Toulouse

- New technologies and evolution of teaching professions: comparative analysis of educational administration policies between the United States and France 

Detailed descriptions can be found here.

As internships are unpaid, candidates are encouraged to apply for funding through their school.