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Innovation Policy Internship Program

Please find below the list of internship subjects available in 2020.


City of Toulouse
- What kind of technological solutions could be implemented to improve the quality of public services and interactions with citizens in the city of tomorrow?

Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées
European and International Relations Department
- How can digital technology improve student support in a study abroad context?
- How can students with disabilities gain better access to international mobility?
Business Partnerships Department
- In what ways could exchanges between academic research in economics and businesses be developed?

La Dépêche du Midi (regional newspaper)
- What strategies can a regional newspaper use to attract new online subscribers?

Occitanie Data
- How to establish a fair system to distribute the value created by data cross-referencing between different organizations?

Occitanie Regional Council
- How to develop the use of an online tool to support team management?
- How can digitization facilitate grant processing and disbursement for both organization and beneficiaries?

University Hospital Center of Toulouse
Delegation for Clinical Research and Innovation
- How can we improve support and development of innovation in the health sector?


Bas-Rhin Deparmental Council
- What type of project can be developed as part of the World Forum for Democracy?
- How can Franco-German bilingualism be encouraged at the local level?

City of Strasbourg
Department of Solidarity, Health and Youth
- How to improve awareness about local and ethical consumption opportunities?
Sports Department
- How to promote inclusion, citizenship, sustainable development and / or culture through sports activities?

Diplomatic Mission of the Prefecture of the Grand-Est Region
- What model can be developed to increase trans-border cooperation between two countries? (the French-German case)

European Ombudsman
- How to ensure transparency in the European Union's legislative process?
- How can access to European institutions' digital content be guaranteed to people with disabilities?

Rhin National Opera / City of Strasbourg
Culture Department
- What new communication and digital marketing tools can be developed for the promotion of cultural programming?
- How to increase sponsorship in the financing of cultural events in Strasbourg and the Opéra National du Rhin?

University of Strasbourg
International Relations Department
- What new tools and strategies can be implemented for a better international visibility of the university?

Detailed descriptions can be found here.

As internships are unpaid, candidates are encouraged to apply for funding through their school.