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Transatlantic Mobility Program

The goal of the Transatlantic Mobility Program is to increase and strengthen partnerships between French and American HEIs and to create long-term collaboration in the development and implementation of study-abroad opportunities. 

The Embassy of France will select six to eight proposals in consultation with the U.S. Embassy in France and NAFSA. 

U.S. and French institutions that are successful in implementing these grants will demonstrate increased capacity to develop and administer study-abroad programs. 

Institutions submitting a proposal must be able to match the grant offered by the French Embassy (at least 1:1), leveraging funds from institutional, private-sector and/or community sources (excluding overhead costs and grant management).  

Proposals should focus on: 

  • Reciprocity: the proposal will demonstrate increased cooperation and internationalization based on reciprocity. This reciprocity between the two partnering institutions can be asymmetrical. 

  • Diversity: the proposal will address inclusion and diversity and ensure study-abroad access to underserved/underrepresented populations.  

  • Sustainability: the funding is a one-time allocation, but the program is not viewed as a one-year project. Partner institutions will be asked to describe how they intend to sustain student mobility and increase institutional exchanges over time. Programs that facilitate some kind of curricular integration, in the long run, will be viewed more favorably.  

Proposed programs may include both virtual and in-person training programming between the partnering HEIs but must support the sending and hosting of students and faculty between the institutions during the grant period.