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Project coordinator: Malina STEFANOVSKA

Total costs of the project: $48.177
Embassy of France support: $12.000

Summary of the Project

“Vis-à-Vis” consists of two cultural events placing in dialogue French and American authors, scholars and artists and showcasing French cultural production to American audiences. The first item, a cultural festival started in 2010 and which will see its third manifestation in 2014, will be a multifaceted event focusing on the world of graphic novels (Bande dessinée). It combines literature and the visual arts through exploring the medium of the French and Francophone graphic novel and its filmic and animated adaptations, as well as questioning the very process of adaptation and the myriad new forms that graphic novels take on in the age of new media. It will consist of a series of panels dedicated to various aspects of the graphic novel from scholarly discussions of its literary and visual form, to dialogues about film adaptations or to animation workshops. The second event, part of a series entitled “Sonnets and Sonatas,” explores the mutual relationship of literature, music and writing through a lecture/reading and concert addressed to the broad public of Los Angeles. This series involves the collaborative work of faculty in two Departments (French and Francophone Studies, Music) creating a bridge between two disciplines and two divisions of UCLA: the Humanities, and the Arts (which houses the Herb Alpert School of Music). Both events are interdisciplinary and addressed to a broad audience as well as to students and researchers. Both have been tested previously with great success, and represent an excellent arena to showcase what France and the Francophone world have to offer in terms of scholarship, artistic and literary creation. They are aimed at giving a welcome visibility to culture and fostering cooperation in the fields.