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Five Institutional Partnerships for Research and Higher Education

Five Institutional Partnerships for Research and Higher Education

2016 Project submitted by Northwestern University  | Embassy of France support: $11 000,00

Project coordinator: Marianne Hopman

Summary of the Project

The goal of the project is to promote and enhance institutional partnerships through undergraduate and graduate student mobility, dual PhDs, faculty exchanges, and joint conferences with five French institutions (Sciences-Po, ENS Paris, ENS Lyon, Paris 3, EHESS). The thematic focus of each partnership draws on Northwestern departments at the forefront of their field and highlight respective strengths of our partners as well. As a result, intellectual linkages vary from one partner to another. Our approach to the development of these partnerships is incremental: we begin with individual faculty exchanges and advance to collaborative conferences, with the ultimate objective of dual PhDs and PUF funding for specific long-term projects. To further support and provide visibility to these collaborative efforts, we organize and co-sponsor campus activities that underscore the intellectual importance of French language and culture in general and of our programs in particular. Our visiting faculty and students from France offer "Causeries" presentations on their work in French that routinely attract large faculty and student audiences.

Projected activities for 2016 include five incoming faculty visits from and two outgoing visits to our French partners; a joint faculty and graduate student “summer institute” with ENS-Paris that will take place in the first week of May, 2016; and a networking conference with Paris 3-Sorbonne in the fall of 2016 that will bring together 4-5 colleagues from each institution for presentations about the structure and culture of our institutions and discussions of collaborative opportunities.