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Le Français dans Tous ses Etats

Le Français dans Tous ses Etats

2016 Project submitted by Columbia University | Embassy of France support: $13 000,00

Project coordinator: Souleymane Bachir  Diagne and Shanny Peer

Summary of the Project

We propose to organize a semester-long series of events at La Maison Française in fall 2016 around the theme of “Le Français dans tous ses états”. The title has several different meanings, referring to the fact French is the language of many different states and populations, and also that the forms, styles and connotations of the language change depending on its use and context. This series would include presentations by writers, thinkers, and artists from a variety of French-speaking countries across a range of forms of expressions with scholars in the humanities as well as the social sciences.

The series would be focused around the principal axes :

  1. 1- “Le Français en cohabitation” will consider cases in which French is used in multilingual spaces, existing alongside and in relationship to other languages such as English, Creole, Arabic, wolof and other African languages.

  2. 2- “Ecrire et chanter la migration” will explore how French is used in writing and in song/poetry within contexts of migration and immigration, how it serves as a bridge between a culture of origin and culture of arrival, how it is inflected by other languages left behind or newly acquired, and how immigrant writers use French, contributing to its evolution and introducing new forms of creativity.

  3. 3- « Politiques de la langue: démocratie et pluralisme » will explore the politics of francophonie and international francophone organizations today, as well as the policies of states and regions with regard to multiculturalism in contexts such as publishing, education and funding of the arts.