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Oct 26
Virtual Talk With Gisèle Sapiro ONLINE EVENT La Maison Française - NYU Arts & Science 16 Washington Mews New York, NY 10003
Oct 26
Virtual Talk With Gisèle Sapiro ONLINE EVENT La Maison Française - NYU Arts & Science 16 Washington Mews New York, NY 10003
Oct 27
DC JazzFest - Jacques Schwarz-Bart La Maison Française - Embassy of France 4101 Reservoir Road, NW - Washington, DC

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Mobility & migrations in 21st century europe

Mobility & migrations in 21st century europe


2017 Project submitted by Georgetown University  | Embassy of France support: $ 5000

Project coordinator: to be coming

Summary of the Project

Project 1: M21, which builds on the excellent example and outcomes set by last year’s CLS 21 project, will engage Georgetown and GWU students and faculty, French military officers, and U.S. and French topic experts in an interdisciplinary dialogue on the interaction between and among European immigration policy, internal mobility within EU, national counter terrorism measures, and the social integration of immigrants, which takes place predominantly at the regional and local level.

The multi-level policy challenge is framed by the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis in Europe. Specially, the project will promote research, writing and dialogue on the question of whether freedom of an integrated approach is possible in France and other European nations in a context of the growing threat of religious radicalization and terrorist attacks, rising populism, and the weakening legitimacy of the European Union throughout Europe.

M21 will consist of three elements. First, Georgetown will engage the communications team at the Walsh School of Foreign Service to build a web page and disseminate information broadly about M21 at the school through social media platforms, e-mail, and printed fliers.

Second, an inter-university student “taskforce simulation” involving students from GWU and Georgetown, officer-students from Ecole de Guerre, GWU and Georgetown faculty, and European affairs and security studies experts will be held during which students will roleplay, and European policymakers tasked with addressing the multi-level challenges of a policy response tot the pressures and consequences of the refugee crisis in France and Europe (i.e. “M21 topid”). The project directors will prepare the students for the simulation by organizing at least two special lectures on the M21 topic open to both GWU and Georgetown students, preparing and providing students background on the topic, and assisting students in conducting research and preparing for the simulation.

Both the taskforce simulation and the workshop will reach audience at Georgetown, GWU, and beyond. French military officers studying at Ecole de Guerre will be recruited to travel to Georgetown (or GWU, if the competition ends up being hel there) to serve as judges and respondents for both the simulation and the workshop, as well as to promote transatlantic dialogue on the M21 topic by observing the simulation and working with M21 project director to design and prepare for a second simulation and workshop on the M21 topic at Ecole de Guerre later in the year. Experts on European affairs and security studies and U.S. government representatives possessing topic expertise will be recruited as respondents to provide their expertise and network the program.

Finally, the top Georgetown and GWU students from the simulation will receive funding to travel to Paris (pending funding from the Embassy of France) to participate in a Franco-US taskforce simulation workshop on the M21 topic. Hosted at Ecole de Guerre, the students will work in teams with French military officers to develop and present policy positions to a panel of French M21 topic experts.

Project 2: Careers in the Francophone World – Consortium Project (GU and GWU). Finding a job, fellowship, or internship takes hard work, persistence, knowledge of the market and networking. The Career Center at the Walsh School of Foreign Service provides expertise for our US and international students entering the workplace. 16% of our graduating students were placed overseas. In order to promote transatlantic mobility and encourage increased student interest in job related to France, Georgetown and GWU propose a joint project to host special panels on “Career in the Francophone World”. Both GU and GWU will draw on their extensive contacts with French-speaking alumni and companies who hire French experts to present and discuss the value French as a job skill.

Project 3 : Lectures Series on WWI/ French Creativity/ Transtlantic Mobility (GU Department of French and Francophone Studies)

Georgetown’s Department of French proposes lectures on topics related to three main priority areas for the Embassy of France.

  1. - Lectures by the art historian Amy Freund, the Kleinheiz Family Endowed Chair in Art History at Southern Methodist University.
  2. - Colloquium on the writing of Marcel Proust and Colette to commemorate the centernary of 1917.
  3. - Lecture by Michèle Sarde, whose recent memoir, Revenir du silence (Julliard, 2017), speaks of war, love, border crossing, and migrations, and has been well-received in France.