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Deaf cinema

Deaf cinema


2017 Project submitted by University of Florida | Embassy of France support: $ 4000

Project coordinator: Alioune Sow

Summary of the Project

Closed Captioning, Audio Description and the Reinvention of Silent Film brings together three prominent French film theorists and musicologists who will discuss their scholarship on the latest development in the field of cinema. Closed Captioning (CC) and audio description (AD), a process of adding text on television or video and film screens, are becoming more and more a part of everyday life for everyone.  The symposium will engage with different programs, departments and scholars at the University of Florida and our partner institutions in France. It involves students and faculty from the following units: the English department with Dr. Barbara Mennel, and Richard Burt (film and media Studies), the Music school, Languages, literatures and cultures (Dror Abend-David, Sylvie Blum-Reid, affiliated with film studies), the department of Linguistics, the translation program, the College of Journalism and Communication, and the Institute of Aging in the College of Medicine. It will attract students from the aforementioned fields interested in the latest technologies and their implications in our everyday life, such as the passage from one language to another when it touches the field of cinema. This area spans from what has been called "Deaf Cinema" or Silent Cinema by Michel Chion to the present 'Dolby Stereo era’. One film screening (i.e. René Clair’s Sous les toits de Paris) will be shown ahead of time to introduce the topic, a roundtable with the speakers and UF faculty and a book exhibit will take place simultaneously. The topic of the conference is bound to open up and generate multiple questions and debates regarding cinema, texting, sound, silence, noise, foreign languages, listening and our roles as active spectators. It will constitute a platform for further collaboration and discussion with the partner institutions and other film historians in the United States who have worked on sound, music and subtitling in cinema.