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Director: Oana Panaïté

Administrator: Isabel Piedmont-Smith


The Center of Excellence of the French Embassy is hosted by the Department of French and Italian. Indiana University enjoys a special relationship with institutions from France and francophone countries, strengthened by the Partnership Agreement between IU and Paris-Sorbonne, signed in 2019. The Center represents a hub for research, teaching, and community engagement around French and Francophone Studies for scholars and students from major academic units such as College of Arts and Sciences, the Hamilton-Lugar School of Global and International Studies, the Media School, the Jacobs School of Music, the Maurer School of Law, the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and the Kelly School of Business.


The Center of Excellence enables and promotes activities on French-US relations, French language, and French and Francophone cultures. Cross-disciplinarity, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement are key components of its profile reflected in its engagement with African Studies, the Center for Latin-American and Caribbean Studies, the Institute for European Studies, Comparative Literature, History, Art History, Linguistics, Second Language Studies, Theater, Drama and Contemporary Dance,  Medieval Studies, Renaissance Studies, or Eighteenth-Century Studies.

The Center draws its strength and inspiration for promoting the professional teaching of the French language and the study of the French and Francophone cultural patrimony in the Midwest from IU’s unique network of rich repositories and cutting-edge research centers and institutes such as IU Cinema, the Book Lab, the Lilly Library, the Center for Theoretical Inquiry in the Humanities, the Kinsey Institute, the Environmental Resilience Institute, or the Eskenazi Museum of Art.


  • Performance, Visual, and Intermedial Studies
  • Postcolonial Studies and the French-Speaking World
  • French as a Second Language and French Sociolinguistics
  • Resilience



Center of Excellence of the French Embassy

Department of French and Italian

Indiana University Bloomington

355 North Jordan Avenue
Global and International Studies Building, 3rd Floor West
Indiana University Bloomington
Bloomington, IN 47405-1105

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