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Directors of the Center : Shanny Peer & Madeleine Dobie


The Center of Excellence at Columbia University works through 3 key institutions: the Department of French, the Center for French and Francophone Studies, the Maison française. Through these institutions, the Center has forged ties with a number of departments and institutes at Columbia University and with centers at various universities across the nation.


The Center of Excellence works with a vast network of Departments at Columbia and other Centers in universities across the nation.  All of our events are co-sponsored.  This means that resources are pooled and costs for events are shared, whether the event is a talk by an individual scholar, a roundtable, or a colloquium.  Furthermore, co-sponsoring events usually means attracting a wider, more numerous and more diverse audience.  In a word, co-sponsoring insures the success of events organized by the Center of Excellence.

Within Columbia University, faculty and staff tied to the Pluridisciplinary Center work closely with faculty and staff in a number of Departments and Institutes.  A lecture committee meets regularly with representatives from the History Department, the English Department, German, Art History, Philosophy, the Program in Film Studies, the Department for Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies, the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society,  the Alliance Program, the Heyman Center for the Humanities, etc. 

Furthermore, the Center of Excellence has forged ties with a number of centers at various universities in the United States and in France. We continue to organize events and speakers with New York University, Texas A&M and Yale University among others.




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