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Franco US Research Funds

The French ministry of Foreign Affairs has created endowments with several prestigious universities in the United States (UC Berkeley, Stanford University, The University of Chicago, MIT, Columbia University, UT Austin) to support research and academic collaborations between these universities and French institutions of Higher education and Research.

The France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (FSCIS)

The France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (FSCIS) was created in 2002 at the initiative of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Stanford University. Its fundamental goal is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange between Stanford researchers and students and their French counterparts.

The France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies aims to bridge the disciplines of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, Engineering, Business and Law, addressing historical and contemporary issues of significance for France and the United States from a broad range of perspectives. The Center brings faculty and students from across Stanford’s departments and schools together and into contact with colleagues in France, to explore issues of common intellectual concern, to advance collaborative research, and to foster interdisciplinary inquiry.

To date, the Center has been focusing on four initiatives:

  • Conferences exploring significant issues for our two societies, especially those where there are divergent French and American approaches to these issues.
  • Seed funding for collaborative projects between Stanford and French researchers, especially those that encourage multidisciplinary approaches in research, hold promise for longer-term cooperation, and benefit younger researchers.
  • Fellowships for undergraduate, graduate students.
  • Visits and exchanges of faculty, researchers, and students.


To learn more: https://francestanford.stanford.edu/

France-Berkeley Fund (FBF)

The France Berkeley Fund was established in 1993 as a partnership between the government of France and the University of California at Berkeley. The France-Berkeley Fund (FBF) promotes scholarly exchange in all disciplines between UC Berkeley and all research centers and institutions of higher education in France. Through its annual grant competition, the Fund provides seed-money for innovative, bi-national collaborative research. Successful projects bring together senior and junior researchers in a variety of ways, from workshops and conferences to exchanges of researchers in laboratories. 


To learn more: http://fbf.berkeley.edu/

France-Chicago Center

The France Chicago Center is a University of Chicago-based interdisciplinary organization with a two-fold mission of:

  1. facilitating, promoting, and fostering stronger ties between University of Chicago students and researchers and their colleagues in France
  2. increasing awareness within the University of Chicago community of French culture, art, and thought 

To this end, the Center sponsors a range of programs including conferences, workshops, public lectures, visiting professors, fellowships, travel grants and fellowships, exchange programs and various cultural, scientific, and outreach activities.

The France Chicago Center was created in April of 2001 when various individuals, corporations and private foundations came together to match a one million-dollar grant from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Revenue from the resulting endowment fund—along with generous annual support from individual and corporate sponsors, and support from various divisions within the University of Chicago—make it possible for the French Chicago Center to pursue its mission


To learn more: https://fcc.uchicago.edu/

MIT –France Program

Created in 2000 and endowed in 2002 by MIT and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote and develop long-term collaborations between MIT and higher education and research institutions in France, as well as to increase France visibility on MIT campus.

Each year through the MIT-France program, over 80 MIT students intern and conduct research in French companies and labs. The MIT-France Seed Fund facilitates dozens of research collaborations between MIT faculty and their French counterparts. Our partners are leading French companies, universities and research organizations.

To learn more: http://misti.mit.edu/mit-france


Created in 2002 and endowed in 2008 with the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alliance is an innovative academic joint-venture between Columbia University and three major French higher education institutions: École Polytechnique, Sciences Po, and Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University. The aim of the venture is to pursue innovation in education and research between the four institutions by sharing knowledge, practices, and resources. A laboratory for innovation, Alliance has become a major academic platform for transatlantic debate on global issues. Alliance offers 17 dual degrees and joint programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, supports doctoral and faculty mobility as well as joint projects.


To learn more: https://alliance.columbia.edu/alliance

Dr. Cécile DeWitt-Morette France-UT Endowed Excellence Fund

The University of Texas at Austin and the Embassy of France in the United States signed an agreement in July 2017 to create an endowed excellence fund to support French-American research collaborations. The fund will be named Dr. Cécile DeWitt-Morette France-UT Endowed Excellence Fund, after the French mathematician-physicist who served as a professor of physics at UT Austin from 1972 to 2017.

$100,000 gift from the Embassy of France (Cultural Services and Office for Science and Technology) and UT Austin will serve as seed money to raise private donations up to $2 million. Like the other French-American endowment funds, the revenues of the Dr. Cécile DeWitt-Morette France UT Endowed Excellence Fund will be used to foster the achievement of joint research projects, through the funding, for instance, of travel expenses for American and French faculty members and students. All research areas will be eligible for funding.