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The Cultural and Scientific Services of the French Embassy are pleased to offer study abroad opportunities through the Community College in France initiative.

Since 2016, this initiative has been working in partnership with Community Colleges for International Development and the n+i network (a network of the 50 top engineering schools in France) to offer opportunities for community college students seeking to study abroad in France. Current community college students can study with one of the short-term summer bootcamps, and community college graduates who are seeking an advanced degree can study with the four-year, post-associates, degree-granting program.

Community College in France is a part of the Transatlantic Friendship and Mobility Initiative, a joint commitment between the U.S. Department of State and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to increase and diversify student mobility between the U.S. and France. Community College in France seeks to give access to American students traditionally under-represented in study abroad programs.

We encourage interested students and community college administrators to discover the exciting opportunities to study abroad with Community College in France!

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