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Community College in France

This unique degree-granting program offers US Community College students graduating with an associates degree in science the opportunity to pursue an engineering master’s degree from CESI – Ecole d’Ingénieurs or from one of the top 50 engineering schools of the n+i network in France.

Program Features:

  • Earn a master’s in engineering that adheres to NCEES standards
  • Practical professional field experience through work-study or internships
  • Develop French language and cultural competency skills
  • Opportunities to have your studies sponsored through work-study
  • Logistical and administrative support from the French Embassy


Pre-Degree Preparation: (1 year)
Students will take classes at CESI where they will adjust to the methods of study in France, study French language, and take courses in higher mathematics and general engineering.

Engineering Master’s Degree: (3 years)
Students study full-time for three years to establish a field specialization and graduate with a master’s degree in engineering. Students will have opportunities for professional development through work-study or internship placements.


Students are eligible and highly encouraged to apply for work-study programs that will fund their studies and provide them with a modest living stipend.

Eligibility Requirements:

By the start of the program, students must have completed studies towards an Associate of Science degree that meet the following criteria:

  • 32 credits of higher mathematics and general science
  • 16 credit in general education credits
  • No previous French language is required

How to Apply:

Deadline: February 21, 2020

  1. Submit the short application form.
  2. Submit your application materials: Send a copy of your letter of motivation and your transcript to mathilde.labregere@diplomatie.gouv.fr. Students who wish to apply to more than one bootcamp should submit one letter of motivation for each program that interests them.
  3. Obtain a nomination from your community college: Ask a representative from your community college to send an email to mathilde.labregere@diplomatie.gouv.fr, confirming your nomination for the program.

Program Alumni

Bailee Atencio

"As I approached the end of my time in community college, I was certain that I wanted to continue my studies, but I was faced with a difficult decision to make of which university and at what cost. Before I was offered the opportunity to study in France, I had been accepted to the programs of my choice at each of the American universities I’d applied to the previous fall — making it all the more difficult to choose. My top choice was one of the best engineering schools in the country in a beautiful location, but I hadn’t been offered a scholarship. Rather fortunately, the unique opportunity to study abroad in France presented itself just in time and allowed me to fulfill all of my aspirations for higher education: affordable, internationally-focused, and culturally enriching.”

Diego Ortiz

"Studying in France has been a very different and enriching experience compared to other education opportunities I’ve had. The program has taught me how to effectively communicate in a foreign language, to learn under a different education system, and to completely integrate and adapt to France. I have worked with engineering companies that have helped me expand my professional interests and my perspective on the international professional world."  - Diego 2018