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Community College in France


Make a bold choice for your future!

With this unique degree-granting program, Community College students are able to transfer to a French top-quality university to either:

By choosing to study in France, students will have an enriching personal experience, gain proficiency in French and earn an internationally recognized degree. 

Questions about studying in France? You will find all the key resources on the Campus France website

We encourage US Community Colleges to sign International Articulation Agreements with the French partners to make this opportunity available more broadly.

Engineering Master’s Degree 

Discover a unique articulation program with a foundation year, followed by a 3-year program of master’s in engineering at CESI – Ecole d’Ingénieurs or one of the other 50 member institutions of the n+i network.

During the foundation year, students will take French classes and courses in higher mathematics and general engineering, in order to qualify for the master's degree.

The master’s program adheres to the high-quality standards of NCEES. Students will be able to choose a field specialization and gain practical professional field experience through work-study or internship.

Eligibility: Associate degree with a GPA of 3,2 and advanced courses in mathematics and physics or engineering sciences (= 32 credit hours of higher maths & basic science) and 16 credit hours in general education - no prior knowledge of French is needed.

More information: Detailed presentation        sdumortier@cesi.fr

International Bachelor in Management from Rennes School of Business

This English-taught program offers an intensive year of business specialization and intercultural immersion. You will develop concrete knowledge of management and gain invaluable international experience for your future career.

This top-up degree will prepare you to enter the job market. It can also be an excellent foundation to pursue a master’s degree in a chosen field of specialization. An integrated 8-week internship program provides valuable opportunities for professional development.

Rennes School of Business is accredited by AACSB and is now part of the Federal Student Loan Programs (FAFSA). The School delivers high-quality education at a competitive cost of $10,000. Scholarships for Community College students are available.

More information: video      flyer     caroline.jouanin@rennes-sb.com


Bailee Atencio

"As I approached the end of my time in community college, I was certain that I wanted to continue my studies, but I was faced with a difficult decision to make of which university and at what cost. Before I was offered the opportunity to study in France, I had been accepted to the programs of my choice at each of the American universities I’d applied to the previous fall — making it all the more difficult to choose. My top choice was one of the best engineering schools in the country in a beautiful location, but I hadn’t been offered a scholarship. Rather fortunately, the unique opportunity to study abroad in France presented itself just in time and allowed me to fulfill all of my aspirations for higher education: affordable, internationally-focused, and culturally enriching.”

Diego Ortiz

"Studying in France has been a very different and enriching experience compared to other education opportunities I’ve had. The program has taught me how to effectively communicate in a foreign language, to learn under a different education system, and to completely integrate and adapt to France. I have worked with engineering companies that have helped me expand my professional interests and my perspective on the international professional world."  - Diego 2018