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Apr 15
A Talk With Alice Zeniter and Omar El Akkad ONLINE EVENT FIAF MANHATTAN 22 East 60th Street New York, NY 10022
Apr 15
A Talk With Alice Zeniter and Omar El Akkad ONLINE EVENT FIAF MANHATTAN 22 East 60th Street New York, NY 10022
Apr 15
Conversation With Chantal Thomas ONLINE EVENT La Maison Française, New York University 16 Washington Mews, New York, NY 10003

Community College in France

The Community College in France Bootcamps allow students to spend two weeks in France during the Summer to explore current global issues, improve their transversal skills and broaden their intellectual horizon. The Bootcamps are designed to provide culturally immersive study abroad opportunities for students who have been historically under-represented in study abroad.

"This bootcamp has been life changing for me. It has opened my mind and broken-down barriers I had put up for myself. I have learned a lot and enjoyed myself as well." Brenda Montes, Polk State College, 2019


Virtual Bootcamps

France Is at Your Fingertips!

In 2021, the Cultural Services of the French embassy offer innovative and collaborative online programs to give Community College students the opportunity to participate in an intercultural experience and broaden their academic perspectives.  

Apply to the below programs and get a taste of France! 


From June 30th to July 21st 2021  

The ENSAD (Higher College of Decorative Arts) offers an online workshop on sustainable design. In this Bootcamp, you'll be put in charge! With guidance from designers, and in groups of two, you will develop a sustainable design project and learn about the tools used by designers to best answer the needs for environmentally conscious sites. At the end of the workshop, the design projects will be published in a book and sent to your home. 

Eligibility: students will need to be enrolled in a community college. The program is taught in English – no knowledge of French is required to participate in this virtual Bootcamp.  

Fees: the cost of this program is $600. If selected, students will receive a $300 grant from the French Embassy which will cover 50% of the fees. Students will need to pay the remaining $300.  

Deadline to apply: 20th April 2021 

We recommend that you apply to this Bootcamp with a teammate.  

For more details, take a look at the program

Apply here!


The Carte Blanche Scholarship offers students the chance to choose from a wide range of virtual summer opportunities organized by a French Higher Education Institution and apply for funding. Students will be able to choose the opportunity that best fulfills their interests! 

Eligibility: to apply for the Carte Blanche Scholarship, students will need to be enrolled in a community college. Please note that before applying for a program, students need to make sure they meet the program’s language requirements and that the program is compatible with their academic level.  

Fees: if successful with the scholarship application, students will receive a $300 grant. The overall fees will depend on the program the student is applying to.   

Deadline to apply: May 30th, 2021 (we will review applications on a rolling basis and aim to notify students of the outcome of their application within 15 working days).  

Please read the application guidelines before submitting an application.  

Apply here!

  • FLOW SUMMER SCHOOL (No longer receives applications) 

Polytech Montpellier offers an online summer school dedicated to the study of Grand Industrial Challenges to students interested in sciences. With FLOW, students can choose from 3 different tracks and will develop their project management and intercultural skills! 


2022 Bootcamps

Discover below the exciting programs originally planned for 2021, to get an idea of what the Bootcamps might look like in 2022!

How do we achieve gender equality? IUT Le Havre offers a Bootcamp to explore gender equity in the workplace and examine how education programs ensure equal opportunities for women in business and entrepreneurship.

At the crossroads of three mountain ranges the Grenoble region is one of the highest territories in the French Alps. This Bootcamp from Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) is designed for students who want to study rural and urban mountain environments from a historical, economic, sociological, and natural sciences perspective.

The ENSAD (Higher College of Decorative Arts) in Paris offers a Bootcamp in sustainable design. Explore how design can be an ecological catalyst, by shaping our lifestyles and habits and impacting the interaction between humans and their environment.


Bootcamp Alumni

Check out what our Bootcamps alumni have to say about their experience in France!

"Merging international students together in a new environment was foundational for building unified perspectives on what human rights can and will be in our future. I learned more about the world, fundamental human rights, active citizenship and myself in just two weeks because of this program."
Jordan McMinn, Lane Community College, 2019

“I have learned so much in so few days and wish I could have stayed a month, or even five years. I think this program is an amazing experience for anyone wanting to learn about the culture of France but more importantly the scientific innovations and sustainable movements the nation is taking as a whole.”
Devin Thomas, Lone Star College, 2018

 “I am now seriously considering applying for a master’s degree in urban planning. I definitely feel that the program has made me rethink my future career plans.”
Diana Calderon, La Guardia Community College, 2017

“It was really a learning experience to see how the French work together to conserve energy, fight climate change and protect the environment. I used to want to be a mechanical engineer, but now my focus will be on designing products and developing equipment to clean up existing environmental problems.”
Dhrumil Shah, Tunxis Community College in CT, 2017


Bootcamp Spotlight

Active Citizenship in The Digital Era