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Community College in France

The Community College in France Bootcamps allow students to spend two weeks in France during the Summer to explore current global issues, improve their transversal skills and broaden their intellectual horizon. The Bootcamps are designed to provide culturally immersive study abroad opportunities for students who have been historically underrepresented in study abroad.

"This bootcamp has been life changing for me. It has opened my mind and broken-down barriers I had put up for myself. I have learned a lot and enjoyed myself as well." Brenda Montes, Polk State College, 2019


2022 Bootcamps

Discover below the exciting programs for summer 2022.

Ready to embark on a thought-provoking journey to explore sustainability? Apply to one of our four Bootcamps and get a taste of France! 

Please check out our flyer and our FAQ

What to expect

  • High-quality academic programs from top French institutions
  • A multi-disciplinary and project-based learning experience on sustainability
  • Logistic and administrative support 
  • An all-inclusive package
  • An enriching personal experience and memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life!


Urban Sustainability (Lyon) - 6-19 June 2022

How can we design the sustainable city of the future? You will answer this question with the program of Lumière University Lyon 2. Drawing from sociological, geographical, and technological perspectives, learn how green urbanism and local policies can help ensure a good quality of life for an ever-growing urban population. 

Detailed Program 

  • Mountains in a Changing World (Grenoble) - 26 June - 9 July 2022

Welcome to Grenoble, the capital of the French Alps! Immerse yourself in the mountains and explore the forces and powers at play, see how time, temperatures, wind, and water affect them. With this Bootcamp from Université Grenoble Alpes you will gain insights through case studies, field trips, and conversations with researchers. Don’t forget your hiking gear! 

Detailed Program

  • Sustainable Micro-Architecture (Paris) - 11-24 July 2022

This Bootcamp takes you on a journey to build a sustainable shelter! With guidance from ENSAD (Higher College of Decorative Arts) designers, create your own concept of micro-architecture and imagine its purpose (animal or traveler sanctuary, performance structure, etc.). You will work on your project in collaboration with French design students and learn modern design techniques. 

Detailed Program

  • Sustainable Food (Dijon) - 1-14 June 2022

Achieve a broad understanding of what “sustainable food” means and what’s at stake for our planet, our society, our health. This Bootcamp organized by the University of Burgundy will allow you to take a step back and look at the historical, sociological, and economic aspects of food. Explore the different modes of production, distribution, and consumption that best protect our environment and respect human rights. 

Detailed Program 


How to apply?


Program Fees 

The program fees for one Bootcamp are $2400 + airfare. The fees cover:

  • Tuition 
  • Housing 
  • Meals 
  • Pick up at the airport 
  • Local transportation 

The French Embassy offers scholarships to most attendees to reduce the participation cost. If selected, you will receive a $1400 grant. You will need to pay the remaining $1000 as well as airfare to and from France. 

You can ask your community college for additional support. 


***  Given current health regulations, we highly recommend students to be fully vaccinated. Non-vaccinated students might be required to test very frequently at their own cost to access the programs' venues. ***


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Bootcamp Alumni

Check out what our Bootcamps alumni have to say about their experience in France!

"Merging international students together in a new environment was foundational for building unified perspectives on what human rights can and will be in our future. I learned more about the world, fundamental human rights, active citizenship and myself in just two weeks because of this program."
Jordan McMinn, Lane Community College, 2019

“I have learned so much in so few days and wish I could have stayed a month, or even five years. I think this program is an amazing experience for anyone wanting to learn about the culture of France but more importantly the scientific innovations and sustainable movements the nation is taking as a whole.”
Devin Thomas, Lone Star College, 2018

 “I am now seriously considering applying for a master’s degree in urban planning. I definitely feel that the program has made me rethink my future career plans.”
Diana Calderon, La Guardia Community College, 2017

“It was really a learning experience to see how the French work together to conserve energy, fight climate change and protect the environment. I used to want to be a mechanical engineer, but now my focus will be on designing products and developing equipment to clean up existing environmental problems.”
Dhrumil Shah, Tunxis Community College in CT, 2017


Bootcamp Spotlight

Active Citizenship in The Digital Era