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Oct 26
Virtual Talk With Gisèle Sapiro ONLINE EVENT La Maison Française - NYU Arts & Science 16 Washington Mews New York, NY 10003
Oct 26
Virtual Talk With Gisèle Sapiro ONLINE EVENT La Maison Française - NYU Arts & Science 16 Washington Mews New York, NY 10003
Oct 27
DC JazzFest - Jacques Schwarz-Bart La Maison Française - Embassy of France 4101 Reservoir Road, NW - Washington, DC

Community College in France

The Community College in France program offers high-quality experiential learning opportunities tailored to the needs of community college students. Currently only 1.7% of community college students study abroad*, but we think we can do better to democratize education.The success of this programs would not be possible without continued support and innovative collaborations with community college administrators and advisors.


We hope that your students are already considering Community College in France. To help inform your campus community about this opportunity please feel free to send the 2021 Bootcamp Flyer to your students and colleagues.

Student Nominations

Students who apply to study with Community College in France will be required to secure a nomination from their community college in order to apply. This nomination will act as confirmation of approval for the student to participate in a Community College in France program. Administrators should send a brief email with the name of the applicant they wish to nominate to anna.malan@frenchculture.org.


The French Cultural Services of the French Embassy are committed to making the Community College in France program as affordable as possible. However, we encourage students to seek additional scholarships and funding to make this experience as cost neutral as possible. At least 70% of students who have participated in the Bootcamps have received additional funding. Community colleges have played a critical role in reducing the cost of attendance for their students through scholarships. Students are also highly encouraged to apply to the Gilman Scholarship which provides financial support for study abroad to students who receive the Federal Pell grant.


“As an advisor, I had the opportunity to connect with community college students from across the US during this program to learn more about science, sustainability, and engineering in Paris. I know many students came away from the program energized to continue studying engineering in France, and I gained innovative ideas to implement at my community college. I highly encourage US community colleges to participate in this experiential learning program."
Amber Nicholson, Bellevue College, 2018

Participitation for Administrators and Faculty

Community college professionals interested in joining one of the Bootcamps for the summer may apply to do so here, in addition to sending a letter of motivation to anna.malan@frenchculture.org.
Please be aware that Community College in France is primarily an opportunity for students and administrators are accepted on a limited, space-available basis. Priority for these limited spots are given to those who will be accompanying their own students on the program.


The French Cultural Services of the French Embassy of Higher Education is seeking opportunities to collaborate with community colleges across the US. Together we hope to diversify and double the number of US students studying abroad in France by 2025. We are proud of our collaborations with the following schools and organizations:

Community College in France also works with the following organisations:

We highly encourage community colleges to submit a proposal for funding to the Transatlantic Mobility Program which aims to provide grants to colleges and universities to help establish institutional partnerships, foster research collaboration, integrate study abroad into degree programs, design programs for nontraditional students, and develop cost-effective international opportunities for all. The most competitive proposals will demonstrate how limited resources can effectively mobilize the greatest number of U.S. students to study abroad in France.

Keep in Touch

Join us at annual conferences with AACC, CCID and NAFSA to learn more about our programs.
You can contact Katrin Gehbard, Higher Education Attaché to the Cultural Services of the French Embassy (Katrin.gebhard@diplomatie.gouv.fr) for any additional questions. 

*Institute of International Education. (2019). "Profile of U.S. Study Abroad Students 2005/06-2017/18." Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange. Retrieved from http://www.iie.org/opendoors.