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France Alumni USA

Create your France Alumni USA profile and foster your career!

France Alumni USA is the online platform and network for students and professionals who completed part or all of their studies in France.

This platform, set up and run by Campus France, connects an international community of more than  alumni from around the world with new members joining daily!

France Alumni USA will give you access to many opportunities:

  • job and internship offers in both the US and France
  • special events organized throughout the US
  • a directory of alumni who studied in France

France Alumni USA also informs about French business, science, economic and cultural life in its magazine section and about how to improve or maintain your French language skills in the US.

If you want to get involved in the France Alumni USA network and share your input with the community, become a Campus France USA Alumni Ambassador!

By joining us, you will have the opportunity to participate in events promoting education in France and to mentor students planning to study abroad. Your participation entitles you to exclusive advantages like invitations for events organized by the Consulates for French VIPs (CEOs, Ministers, Senators, Scientists, etc.), tickets for events organized all over the US, and much more.


If you want to join the initiative, please create an account on https://www.francealumni.fr/en/position/usa/ and contact lucille.delbecchi@frenchculture.org