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Alliance Française

Alliance Française ▾
National Coordination of the American Alliance Française network

Our Mission

  • To promote Francophone language, cultural awareness, and French learning opportunities for the American public.
  • To provide guidance and services to existing and new chapters: training, management, resources.
  • To uphold the principles of good governance applying to the AF trademark worldwide.
  • To act as a link between the French Ministry of foreign affairs, the Institut française in Paris, the Fondation Alliance Française, and the French Consulates General.

Our Core Values

  •  Excellence in learning standards
  •  Expertise and professionalization
  •  Constant innovation
  •  Mutual respect and sharing
  •  Equal opportunities and diversity

 Our Training Objectives

  • Organize annual staff training and meetings to ensure the continuous quality improvement of processes and services.
  • Maintain a continuous presence on the field.
  • Organize online training.
  • Send teachers and directors to France for academic training.

Our Development and Digitalization Objectives

  • To double the number of students in the next five years (Additional 5000 students annually).
  • To connect half of the American chapters to an online platform by 2020.
  • To make digital resources accessible to a greater number of members.

The Coordination is part of the Cultural Services in the US. It is run by a Coordinator and her deputy, appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Fondation Alliance Française in Paris.

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For more infomation, contact: 

Marguerite BICKEL
Coordinatrice nationale