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Dufrenoy Scholarships From Spffa To Research And Study Sciences In France

Each year the Jean et Marie-Louise Dufrenoy scholarships enable two American students in the sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, medecine, geology, botany) or in technology (engineering, computer science, etc.) to pursue further studies in France during a full academic year within the student’s own field. If there is no candidate in any scientific discipline qualifying for a scholarship, the scholarships may be awarded to students who, after receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree, would start a career in the fields of education or diplomacy.

1. Requirements:

1. The applicants must be US citizen or resident alien and must have received a Bachelor of Sciences degree or a Bachelor of Arts degree less than 5 years before theapplication. The scholarship may be renewed for one year under exceptional circumstances only.The amount of this scholarship is US$ 25,000 paid in two installments (half in July, half inDecember).

2. The candidate’s knowledge of French must be at a level that enables studies to be undertaken at the university level.

3. Registration in a French university or research center during the stay in France is mandatory; Proof of registration in a French institution of highereducation must be received by the SPFFA by July 1st, 2017.

2. Application Procedures:

Each candidate must submit to the SPFFA the following documents by January 15, 2017: (a) a letter in French stating his/her reasons for studying in a Frenchuniversity, (b) his/her original academic transcripts, and (c) three letters of recommendation(written in English or French).Candidates are strongly advised to contact the university of their choice as soon as possibleas well as the nearest French Consulate in the U.S. to determine the current requirementsfor student visas. They must also agree in their application that they will submit to theSPFFA, upon returning, a report on their activities in France.

For more information, applicants to the Bourses Dufrenoy may contact sopffam@gmail.com or visitthe SPFFA site: http://spffa-us.org/

To ensure candidates’ membership in the SPFFA, all 2017-2018 Dufrenoy Fellowshipapplications must be accompanied by a check for $20 payable to the SPFFA.

Completed applications, including original transcripts and letters of recommendation, must be sent before January 15, 2017 to the following address:SPFFABOURSES DUFRENOY1001, Avenue of the Americas11th FloorNew York, NY 10018