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Transatlantic Mobility Program Launches Call for Applications

The French Embassy in the U.S., the Embassy of the United States of America in France and FACE Foundation are pleased to announce the launch of the 2023 Transatlantic Mobility Program (TMP) grant call for applications. The program supports France- and U.S.-based higher education institutions in developing study abroad opportunities by distributing grants of up to $20,000 per project.  

Higher education institutions play an essential role in building strong partnerships, developing innovative and sustainable study abroad models and designing programs for nontraditional students.  

Colleges and universities in France and the United States are invited to submit project proposals that seek to expand and diversify student mobility on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Proposals will be evaluated based on the efficacy of the strategy proposed with respect to the TMP’s overarching goal of enhancing student mobility on both sides of the Atlantic.  

The 2023 call for proposals can be found here. Please ensure that your institution complies with the terms and requirements of the call for applications.  

Use the online application form to submit your proposal for the grant. Our step-by-step Application Guidelines will help you through the application process.  

If you are looking for a partner institution, we highly recommend you use the Franco-American Academic Exchanges platform


May 31: Application deadline 
June 30: Successful applicants will be notified  

For more information, please visit our website, FAQ page,  or watch our webinar presenting the call for applications.  

All questions should be directed to transatlanticmobilityprogram@frenchculture.org