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Transatlantic Research Partnership: 2023 Call for Applications

The French Embassy in the United States and the FACE Foundation are pleased to announce the opening of the 2023 call for applications of the Transatlantic Research Partnership (formerly Thomas Jefferson Fund). 

This program aims to foster forward-looking collaborative research that engages with pressing global challenges. It offers $20,000 grants to support two-year projects led by two outstanding researchers at the beginning of their careers –– one based in the United States, the other in France.  These funds will support transatlantic mobilities of researchers and PhD students, collaborative research activities such as the organization of international workshops or conferences, and the publication of joint articles. 

Projects can span or combine humanities, social sciences, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and their research topics should be related to one or several United Nations Sustainable Goals  


  • Projects must be jointly submitted by two researchers at the beginning of their careers (less than 15 years after obtaining their PhD)  

  • Applicants must provide proof that they are employed at either a U.S. or French institution for the duration of the partnership, i.e. minimum 2 years;   

  • PhD candidates are not eligible to be project leaders  

  • U.S. or French citizenship is not required.  



  • December 6th 2022: opening of the call for applications 

  • February 24th 2023: closing of the call for applications  

  • June 2023: selection of the 2023 grantees 

  • July 2023: estimated official announcement of the 2023 laureates  

  • September 2023: estimated launch of the selected projects 


To apply, please visit our dedicated page.  

For questions, contact us at transatlanticresearchpartnership@frenchculture.org  


We look forward to receiving your applications!