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Call for Proposals Empowering French and Francophone Studies

The French Embassy in the United States and FACE Foundation have joined forces to support innovation in French and Francophone Studies as part of the initiative French in Higher Education.

French Departments and programs in US colleges and universities that aim to increase enrollment in French are invited to respond to our call for proposals open until October 15th, 2022. Selected projects will receive a grant ranging from $2,000 to $20,000. 

Selected projects will exemplify how dynamic, resilient, and useful learning French is today. The funding shall be used to initiate mid-to-long-term changes through innovation. Impact needs mainly to happen at the department or program level, via the implementation of what can be considered best practices in the field. In the context of a diversifying US society, the development of equity, inclusion, and social justice in French and Francophone Studies is particularly important. We will report on the success of the projects and implement systems for continued engagement with the relevant communities even after the project’s conclusion.

Register for the webinar on September 20 to learn more.

Learn more about this new grant opportunity here.