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Jan 22
The Murderer Lives at Number 21 Embassy of France - La Maison Française 4101 Reservoir Road, NW - Washington, DC
Jan 22
Art After Slavery Columbia Maison Francaise East Gallery, Buell Hall 515 West 116th Street New York, NY 10027
Jan 1
Boris Chouvellon: an Artist in Residence Show Gallery 1515 N Gardner St Los Angeles, CA 90046

France on Campus Award


Association de doctorants et étudiants en
études françaises et francophones : French and Francophone Culture, Identity and 
Personal Narrative in New Orleans

Tulane University, New Orleans (LA)

The ways that we construct, define, reflect, enact, and contest identity are intricately bound to the places in which we do so. In New Orleans identity, whether individual or collective, is profoundly rooted in French and Francophone culture. We would like to lead the university and the wider community in a conversation about the relationship(s) between place and identity by exploring cultural expressions such as cuisine, French language and personal narrative in New Orleans, our very own Francophonie.

French Club : Beyond Paris Noir - A Flâneur's Tale

Texas Southern University, Houston (TX)

The project will develop an innovative dramatic production designed for students, faculty and the general public to discover and examine the close interconnections between African Americans in Paris, as well as the many cultural influences which people of African descent have imprinted upon the culture of France. Through dramatic vignettes and a richly developed script, students will begin to develop very real connections between events occurring in 21st century America and those that developed previously in the dynamic community of expatriate Africans and African-Americans in Paris.

The Drexel French Club : Frenchy Friends Mentorship Program

Drexel University, Philadelphia (PA)

The Drexel French Club will launch a new mentorship program ("Frenchy Friends") to help students enhance their language skills, promote French culture, learn more about study-abroad programs, as well as establishing inclusive and friendly environment.

EU Student Embassadors at Berkeley : Politically Engaged Café

University of California, Berkeley (CA)

In the continuation of EU Student Embassadors' 2016 project, we will debate with faculty, french exchange students and students in the EU club to discuss the state of France after its recent elections.

The French Society/ Cric Crac : A week in France

Queens College CUNY, New York City (NY)

During the week of February 12-16th, students and community would be offered the unique opportunity to experience elements of some of the most well-known and celebrated events of France, including Mardi Gras, The Cannes Film Festival,
and more. By incorporating cultural education, fitness and health, and international development, this event attempts to address a variety of crucial elements within the French and Francophone Culture.

L'Avant Scène : Promoting French Musical Theater: the American Stage Premiere of 'Les Demoiselles de Rochefort'

Princeton University, Princeton (NJ)

L'Avant Scène will be adapting Jacques Demy's musical film classic, "Les Demoiselles de Rochefort," and present its stage version to American audiences for the first time. After months of collaboration with linguistically and artistically gifted Princeton students as well as professionals from the world of French theater and cinema, L'Avant Scène will give two performances in French with accompanying subtitles to a varied audience.

French Club : La Comédie-Française

Rice University, Houston (TX)

With the guidance of French language and literature faculty, the French Club at Rice
University will spearhead an effort to bring French theatre and cultural knowledge to the
wider university community by putting on scenes from canonic French plays.

Graduate Student Association : Literary Explorations - Where Do Words Take You?

Louisiana State University, Bâton-Rouge (LA)

This 12th Graduate Student Conference will bring together graduate students as well as
two scholars wellknown in the field of French studies to present their research on themes related to trave l narratives through time and their influence on the real world.



Study Abroad Club: Connections Abroad - Exploring France through Virtual Reality

University of California, Davis (CA)

Students in Davis who are interested in studying abroad will then have the opportunity to explore France through the eyes of someone living there, with optional commentary in the recordings.

Music Only :  Pourquoi pas? Inspiring Students to Be Their Best

University of Georgia, Athens (GA)

This original project begins with a relationship between our students (at UGA) and teenagers at local high schools so that music and French language can inspire these young men and women to expand their horizons by studying French and to give them a purpose to stay in school.

Le Cirque français : L'Usine de la Cuisine

Transylvania University, Lexington (KY)

This project will start by creating a French cooking workshop to change and expand the ideas the students of Transylvania University and population of Lexington, KY have about healthy eating.

French Club : Black Artists in Paris (Black History Month)

Sam Houston University, Huntsville (TX)

The Club will host a series of events for Black History Month under the theme of “Black Artists in Paris” in order to bring light to the work of those who were artistically inspired by the City of Light.

Tech French Club : Paris Fashion Week Live Runway Show

Texas Tech University, Lubbock (TX)

Cinémathèque : Film Capsules: Hecho en Europe and French Culture in Puerto Rico

University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus

This project consists of making a series of 30 second film capsules on topics related to the Hecho En Europa Film Festival and to French culture in Puerto Rico. The capsules will be made by members of Cinémathèque with the help of advisors in the areas of filmmaking and French culture in Puerto Rico.

Lehman Francophone Club : French context

Lehman College CUNY, New York City (NY)

“French context” is an event in which participants are immersed in new perspectives on French and Francophone culture, history, language, and art, while in dialogue with a guest speaker.

Francophone Community Exchange : Francophone Community Exchange Expansion

New York University, New York City (NY)

EU Student Ambassadors at Berkeley : Politically engaged Parisian Cafe

University of California, Berkeley (CA)

The project will be a debate with faculty, french exchange students and students in the EU club to discuss the state of France and its future governance in the upcoming elections.

The French and Francophone club : Literatures in dialogue - creative-critical literary performances

The Catholic University of America, Washington (DC)

Students present a text (poem, short story, excerpt from a novel…) to an audience in a creative manner. This project stems from the class "Thinking Critically: Literature, Film, and Media in the French-Speaking World". The goal of the presentation is to make sure students communicate the text content (feel, tone, ambiance, meaning/s, emotions, themes, images…) in a different, creative manner.



The Franco-US Wine Connection: How Data Tells the Story of Integration

George Washington University, Washington (DC)

GW DATA is a project that highlights the significance of French culinary products by creating an application that best pairs French food items with cuisines and wine through machine learning.

A Choreographic Exploration of le commerce triangulaire

Grinnell College, Grinnell (IA)

A Choreographic Exploration of le commerce triangulaire is a student-led dance project supported by the French Embassy that uses French texts as the basis for creating movement and introducing new audiences to French culture and history.

More information here.

Hors centre : NYC French and Francophone Guide to Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan above 96th St.

Queens College/ CUNY, New York City (NY)

Hors Centre is a guidebook that presents a unique collection of reviews of French and Francophone cultural venues in New York City’s “outer” boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx, and in Manhattan above 96th Street.

French Slam at Texas Tech

Texas Tech University, Lubbock (TX)

French Slam at Texas Tech replicates the writing workshops and events of Slam associations in Paris on the campus of Texas Tech University, including through writing workshops, live events in French, open language Slam events centered on French themes but open to any language, and a final Slam competition in French.

Liberté, Égalité, Francophonie

Juniata College, Huntingdon (PA)

Juniata’s French Club project celebrates la Francophonie through a week of activities featuring lectures, a film, a student panel, presentations in local schools, and culminating in a festival with food and music.

Connecting with French and Francophone Culture in the Twenty-First Century through Film

The University of Oklahoma, Norman (OK)

This project is a film festival emphasizing diverse aspects of contemporary French and Francophone culture with an interdisciplinary vision that complements World Literature Today’s Puterbaugh Festival featuring Alain Mabanckou, recipient of the 2012 Grand Prix de Littérature Henri Gal from the Académie Française.

The French Press: The Responsibility of Freedom of Speech

Georgia Southern University, Statesboro (GA)

The French Press -- The Responsibility of Freedom of Speech project increases awareness of the French press through a major display, lectures, and presentations of actual samples of the press in various settings, including library displays, classrooms, and service clubs.

More information here.

Discovering the Light: A Celebration of French Film and Photography

University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst (MA)

Discovering the Light: A Celebration of French Film and Photography is a series of film screenings, public lectures, and an installation exhibit designed to showcase moments in France's rich involvement in photographic and film history.

French Pionniers of Science: Jacques Cousteau Under the Sea

University of Miami, Miami (FL)

This project celebrates French pioneer of oceanography and filmographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau's storytelling and later commitment to conservation through a screening of his documentary, talks by marine researchers, a art project, and beach clean up for Earth Day.

Une Semaine Francaise à UNL

University of Nebraska, Lincoln (NE)

Une Semaine Francaise à UNL engages both the community on campus and the city of Lincoln, Nebraska through French film screenings, an art exhibit displaying the work of French painters at the Sheldon Art Museum, and a French Program open house for perspective students at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.