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Sep 17
The Disorder of Discourse by Fanny de Chaillé Frederick P. Rose Auditorium 41 Cooper Square
Sep 17
The War is Over Embassy of France - La Maison Française 4101 Reservoir Rd NW, Washington, DC 20007
Paroxysm of Sublime by FLAX at LACE 6522 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Community College in France

“This trip has been a life changing experience. I have learned so much in so few days and wish I could have stayed a month, or hopefully five years. I think this trip is an amazing experience for anyone wanting to learn not only the culture of France but more importantly the scientific innovations and sustainable movements the nation is taking as a whole.”
      - 2018 alumnus Devin Thomas, Lone Star College

“As an advisor, I had the opportunity to connect with community college students from across the USA during this in-depth and meaningful program to learn more about science, sustainability, and engineering in Paris. Together we experienced many unique cultural and educational events and made memories that will last a lifetime. I know many students came away from the program energized to continue studying engineering in France, and I gained innovative ideas to implement at my community college. I will certainly be following the sustainability and technological advancements in Paris more closely, as the city is implementing many exceptional concepts that will help to reduce our impact on the environment that can be replicated in the US. I highly encourage US community college students to participate in this experiential learning program.”
      - 2018 advisor Amber Nicholson, Bellevue College

“I am now seriously considering applying for a Master’s degree in urban planning. I definitely feel that the program of the “n+i” network has made me rethink my future career plans.”
      - 2017 alumnus Diana Calderon, La Guardia Community College

“Before the trip, I was indecisive about what to do with my chemical engineering major, but after visiting the Biogis Center and exploring more about biomass conversion, I know that I want to research ways that biomass conversion can help reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use.”
      - 2017 alumnus Monica Argumedo, Lone Star College

“Ever since I got back from France, I have been really careful about using less water, recycling, saving electricity, etc. It was really a learning experience to see how the French work together to conserve energy, fight climate change and protect the environment. I used to want to be a mechanical engineer, but now my focus will be on designing products and developing equipment to clean up existing environmental problems.”
      - 2017 alumnus Dhrumil Shah, Manchester Community College