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Jan 22
The Murderer Lives at Number 21 Embassy of France - La Maison Française 4101 Reservoir Road, NW - Washington, DC
Jan 22
Art After Slavery Columbia Maison Francaise East Gallery, Buell Hall 515 West 116th Street New York, NY 10027
Jan 1
Boris Chouvellon: an Artist in Residence Show Gallery 1515 N Gardner St Los Angeles, CA 90046

Community College in France

Non-degree-granting Bootcamps

The Embassy of France decided to offer four bootcamps in 2019 in STEM and in Humanities :

  • The n+i network, a network of the top 50 French engineering schools, will offer a bootcamp on “Sport and sustainable development” to Community College Students from Los Angeles Community College District in June 2019.
  • The IUT Lumière Lyon 2 will offer a bootcamp on “Sustainable development: public transportation and waste management” from June 17th to June 30th 2019.
  • Polytech Montpellier will offer a bootcamp on “Major industrial challenges in France” from May 27th to June 14th 2019.
  • University of Caen Normandie will offer a bootcamp on “Active citizenship in the digital era” in June or July 2019.

The bootcamp duration varies from 14 to 19 days. Please see the programs' description for detailed information

Other short program opportunities

  • HEC Paris is offering a scholarship to one Community College student covering complete tuition and housing on Geopolitics, Globalization and Business Strategy. Use the bootcamp application process to apply !!
  • As part of its rendez-vous program the network n+i is organizing a short program similare to the Community College in France bootcamps on Aeronautics / Aerospace

Application : Deadline February 1st 2019

1/ Submit short form

2/ Send to mathilde.labregere@diplomatie.gouv.fr 
- your letter of motivation 
- your transcript of records 

3/ Ask your Community College to nominate you officially by sending an email to mathilde.labregere@diplomatie.gouv.fr


A 10-day, non-degree-granting pilot bootcamp in Paris took place in June 2017 and 2018. Each year, it has brought together 17 community college students from across the US specializing in engineering and environmental science. The program included a series of professional and scientific visits to learn about air quality control (Ballon d’air de Paris), environmental management practices for water distribution (Usine d’Austerlitz), innovative urban transportation, and lighting management in Paris.