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Jan 22
The Murderer Lives at Number 21 Embassy of France - La Maison Française 4101 Reservoir Road, NW - Washington, DC
Jan 22
Art After Slavery Columbia Maison Francaise East Gallery, Buell Hall 515 West 116th Street New York, NY 10027
Jan 1
Boris Chouvellon: an Artist in Residence Show Gallery 1515 N Gardner St Los Angeles, CA 90046

WWI Historian US Tour

One hundred year after the United States entered the war, on April 6, 1917, France is working closely with American authorities and institutions to highlight French-American friendship and celebrate the U.S. role in the Great War. Because we believe familiarizing audiences across the country with this impactful period of history that forever redefined the geopolitical relations is critical, the Cultural Services of the Embassy of France in the U.S. invited 5 young researchers from various French Universities to talk about their research work. Nicolas Beaupré, PhD (Université de Clermont Ferrand) currently works on XXth century conflicts with a socio-logical approach; Emmanuelle Cronier, PhD (Université Jules Verne) has recently published a book on the lives of soldiers on leaves and food habits during WWI; André Loez, PhD (Science Po Paris) studies the 1917 mutinery; Manon Pignot, PhD (Université Jules Verne) has focused her work on the child experience of the Great War; finally, Clémentine Vidal-Naquet, PhD (Université Jules Verne) made a thesis on the history of family, relationships and couples during WWI.

All five researchers travelled for a week across the east coast campuses from Chicago University, Park University or Ohio State University in the Midwest, to University of North Carolina in North Carolina, via Boston University, Columbia University or Georgetown University and met with American students and historian specialists.

Those French researchers also came for giving young high schoolers a desire to know more about History and maybe create new passions. Le lycée français de New York, le Lycée Français de Chicago and le Lycée Rochambeau in Washington DC welcome the French researchers for a brief but fascinating talk on this pivotal time of our history.